Duotone Effect
Duotone Effect

Back when the practice of photography was still new, reproducing images in color was considered too expensive. The only option then was to print in monotone, but this lacked the richness and contrast needed to make the image pop. Because of this, the duotone effect was created to brighten up pictures and allow the image to pop out without breaking the bank.

However, as technology advanced, full-color images became the norm, and the practice became more of an artistic choice than a necessity. …

A Complete Guide On How To Textures to Illustrations in Illustrator

Creative minds, particularly designers, use every tool that is necessary to enhance their creativity. Adobe illustrator is one of the tools that help designers add many creative elements to their designs to help them project their creativity.

Adding textures to illustrations is one of the design elements offered by adobe illustrator. These design bundles add quality and depth to vector illustrators. The use of illustration texture combines with other design bundles to make design relatively easy.

You can easily transform a flat-looking design to an impressive texturized design using…


Are you finding difficulty in choosing the right typeface for your design? Or have you always wanted to become a professional in choosing and combining fonts? If yes, reading this article will take you a step further in achieving this goal.

As a designer that creates and sells designs, you should understand the mechanism and techniques of typography. Understanding the nuts and bolts of typography can give you a large insight into the typeface type you need to use for your design.

Making use of the wrong typeface can sometimes be disastrous. Imagine using a wrong typeface with an offensive…

typeface type
typeface type

A typeface is an overall design of lettering. It is a group of characters with the same design. This design includes features like bold, extra bold, light, regular, condensed, italics, extended, etc. Each of these varieties of a typeface is referred to as a font.

As time goes by, more typefaces are in development, joining the existence of thousands available. Using it in typography can be a lot more than you think.

Good typography can make a design look great while a bad one can do the otherwise. …

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